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Work told me to switch my home office POTS from the local

> Frontier telco to a corporate managed AT&T PSTN service. > A friend who used to work for Frontier tells me AT&T does > not have a POP in the Middletown, NY central office. I made > this known to work and their reply was my location "qualifies" > for AT&T service so I should make the change. How can AT&T > deliver when there is no local POP ?

I looked thru a couple of online sources for network information, and it seems that AT&T (CLEC) does NOT (yet) have any CLEC central office switch nor POP for the Middletown NY area. AT&T (CLEC) doesn't have any 845-NXX code for Middletown NY, nor does it appear that they have any thousands-block in any

845-NXX for Middletown NY.

But I wonder if it is possible for AT&T (CLEC) to become an "administrative only" RESELLER CLEC for certain "select" customers in Middletown NY? If this is so, then they wouldn't need a central office switch, nor a POP, nor even a "default" dedicated code or thousands block.

There are numerous "resellers" out there that have absolutely NO network infrastructure of any kind, and I don't think that they have any numbering or code resources neither. These are those resellers who will "reconnect" customers who have had payment problems with the incumbent LEC, and have been cut-off at various times. Of course, there are restrictions on their lines/service with the resellers. They still get dialtone from the ILEC but are no longer considered customers of the ILEC, but rather this (sometimes "shady") reseller.

So, on the other end of the economic spectrum, I wonder if AT&T (CLEC) or other large telcos acting as a CLEC, are also acting as "administrative resellers" for selected corporate business customers, where that customer can deal with something like AT&T for all of their locations nationwide, rather than having to deal with independent telcos scattered around the country ??

Anyhow, I do have a question to you...

Who is actually PAYING THE BILL for your home office POTS from ILEC Frontier-Citizens in Middletown NY? Are you paying that bill? or is your employer (work) paying that bill? If it's YOU, then YOU could probably tell your work that YOU are the one to choose who you want for your telco. But if your work is paying the bill, then they could choose to change the dialone provider, or at least the "billing telco" of that line to who they want.


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I think they're confused. That's in the Poughkeepsie LATA, and AT&T does have switches in Poughkeepsie, but the closest rate center they serve appears to be Monticello, and I don't see any evidence that they have facilities anywhere but Poughkeepsie. In New York, all the rate centers they serve are in VZ territory, not Citizens/Frontier.

Perhaps you might ask work whether they're aware that AT&T only offers service in Bell areas, and that's not where you are.

R's, John

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John Levine

Work is reimbursing me for paying the home office phone line and adsl bill. Steve

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| |Perhaps you might ask work whether they're aware that AT&T only offers |service in Bell areas, and that's not where you are. | |R's, |John |

I tried that... The contact at work says AT&T does cover my area... but you know how databases are.. garbage in = garbage out.

This could get interesting.

Steve |

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Steven Stone wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@news.frontiernet.net:

Could be one of two possible business arraingments withthe LEC.

AT&T Local Service (AKA: ALS), the formerly Teleport (TCG Teleport Communications Group) that the legacy AT&T bough in the 90's, and is using an existing colo to deliver dialtone to their cage via a fiber DLC.

Or AT&T is leasing a port on the local switch that is carrying your line number (Virtual co-location). Not uncommon where a service provider such as AT&T does not have physical presence at a LEC wire center.

Typically the line number, and switch equipment remain the same, and all that the cusotmer will see is a telephone billing statement from the new, in your case, AT&T telephone company.


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