Anybody experienced with 5ESS protocol handlers?

Hi. I'm looking for some info or documentation concerning Protocol Handler (PH), or Protocol Handler for Voice (PHV) cards. (TN1863, TN1873, TN1891, etc)

For example, how the different "phases" work. Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4, etc.

I get the basic idea of how they work, but I'm looking for a functional description or user guide, or both. Also interested in troubleshooting experiences you may have had. I have the 5E OA&M documentation CD's from Jan.

2003, and have looked through them a bit for info on any of these circuit packs, but haven't found it yet. Also have a whole set of paper manuals, but haven't resorted to trying to go through all 40 volumes of that yet.

Would anybody who has worked hands-on with these care to contact me offlist?

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