Walmart fixes PA after prank; prankster arrested; social media helps search [telecom]

Walmart has changed its store PA systems in the wake of a prankster using it to broadcast offensive remarks. The Philadelphia Inquirer had several stories about this; for full article please use the link.

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[PA fixed]

The prankster, a youth, has been arrested. [TV news reports not shown said he was facing up to two years hard time in state prison for the prank.]

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[arrest of culprit]

"Social media" contributed to the apprehension.

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[social media helps find prankster]

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I hope they're just puffing out their chest and acting tough and aren't seriously considering this as punishment. Drunk drivers don't get that much time.


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John Mayson

I would believe the newspaper before I would believe a wild statement by a Philly TV station.

The first account posted:

"If convicted, he could face a brief stay at a juvenile facility and/or counseling, authorities said."

He is 16 years old. That would be reasonable. Two years hard time, OTOH, would be totally out of order for an insensitive prank.

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