Walmart cellphone plans? [telecom]

So the plethora of Walmart ads say you can keep your phone(s) and number(s) and switch to their off-brand carriers for the same networks and a lot less money.

Anyone try that? Experiences? Is one better than others? We use cellphones as phones, with a little texting, nothing exotic. Sprint prices aren't that great. Any recommendations?

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Brian Gordon
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For modest amounts of usage primarily for voice, I've been surprisingly happy with Tracfone. The underlying carriers vary, but you can definitely get phones that run on AT&T and T-Mobile.

If you get one with triple minutes and look for promo codes when you buy credit, it works out to about 7 cpm.

You can port numbers in and out, I've done it.

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John Levine

Another "off-brand carrier" (actually, MVNO) is Page Plus Cellular,


through whom you can get service for many (if not all) Verizon handsets, at tariffs ranging from $10 every 120 days (rolling over if renewed by day

120), good for about 80 minutes, to plans for really heavy users (like unlimited calling, unlimited texting, and 5GB data for ~$70/month). Mexico's Carlos Slim is said to be buying them out, but their web site seems virtually unchanged ... . Walmart doesn't sell Page Plus refills, AFAICT; but an outfit called Calling Mart does, often at 5% off: .

Cheers, -- tlvp (a satisfied, el cheapo, PP/CM customer)

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Their plans are good for people who talk a lot. Nobody sells plans for introverted geeks like me that use lots of data but don't talk to anybody. To get lots of data, I'd have to buy unlimited talk/text that I'd never use.

Actually, my existing AT&T plan fits my needs nicely, but it's a grandfathered plan that's not available any more. I get unlimited data,

100 minutes talk, no text, for about $40 ($38.25 plus the BS misc. fees). With a couple of Google Voice apps, I can send texts and make/receive VOIP calls using my unlimited data. Only downside is when people send texts to my cell # instead of my GV number. I never get the message and the sender doesn't get an error.
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Matt Simpson


Virgin Mobile has a $35 plan with 300 minutes and unlimited SMS and data. You have to use one of their phones but they have a pretty good selection. Underlying network is Sprint. My daughter has this plan, grandfathered at the previous $25 rate which is a steal.

For people who have their own GSM phones, Consumer Cellular prices the voice and data parts separately, so you can get the basic voice $10 with no included minutes and a data plan that matches what you use. Underlying network is AT&T.

Ting (part of Tucows) prices the voice, SMS, and data bundles separately, and each month charges you for the smallest bundles that cover what you used, starting at $0 for no usage. If you truly use no voice and no SMS, that might be the $6 monthly charge and $24 for 1GB. Again, you have to use one of their phones, network is Sprint.

R's, John

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John Levine

I have two phones with MetroPCS. $100 a month. One is a 4G capable phone, the other only on their 1X CDMA network.

Works out perfectly for me. I'm a heavy data user too.

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I should have said nobody around here. I'm in an area served only covered by AT&T and Verizon.

That does look like a good deal, although it doesn't subsidize the phone like my AT&T plan does. And the Sprint network is not an option for me.

Their data plans are no bargain compared to the unlimited data I get from AT&T

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