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I recall perhaps two year ago someone complaining about not being able to retrieve their directory number upon leaving that they had transfered to Vonage when they subscribed.

It seemed the issue was that Vonage didn't "own" the number transfered in, rather it was "owned" by a third party.

Anyone know the current status of getting a customer number back from Vonage?

I suspect [Vonage] doesn't have a clue.

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That's interesting. I called a company that sets up follow me numbers to ask if they would set up a business white pages listings should I wish to use that number as a main contact number. They told me that the companies that supply their numbers prohibits that.

Somebody must be in the business of supplying telephone numbers to virtual services. That's better than in the old days in which pager companies could demand a block of 10,000 line number (an entire prefix) per local area they wished to do business in, even if they never signed up more than a handful of customers in any given locality.

The whole point of number portability is if the number can be ported in, it can be ported out as well. If the subscriber ends service, the ported number is supposed to be returned to its original number pool to be assigned by the original carrier. Surely a complaint to FCC is in order as this aspect is regulated. We've been paying for portability for years. It's never been as flexible or as seemless as promised.

I'd keep paying the bill till I finally got the number ported, then fight for a refund for the extra months it took till the porting actually took place. Otherwise there's no way to reclaim the number.

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