VOIP and old phones [telecom]

Another example: I have a 2500 Touch Tone phone that is 30 years old

> and works perfectly fine. But there are those out there who want to > make it obsolete and force me to make my voice calls via VOIP.

I'm a little confused by this non-sequitur. Why would your old Touch-Tone phone care about the details of your back-end connection to the PSTN (copper to the CO vs. VOIP)? How could it tell?

I got VOIP fromTime-Warner Cable more than four years ago and did not have to change any of the phone instruments in the house. That includes the early-1980s Bell Touch-Tone desk phone that we have in the basement. Going to VOIP didn't change my internal wiring at all; it only required connecting that internal loop to the cable modem.

Bob Goudreau Cary, NC

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I have a VoIP phone that has an RJ45 ethernet jack on the back, not a RJ11 phone jack. I also have some VoIP terminal adapters that have an RJ45 on one side and an RJ11 on the other, for backward compatibility. That's what your telco gave you.

Both have their advantages. You can do more interesting things with a direct net connection, but Mickey Mouse phones only come with RJ11's.

R's, John

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John Levine

That was an error on my part.

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