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We have had Google fiber for over 2 years now. We were previously

> with TWC. The loss of phone service was the biggest concern for us. > We elected to go with Basic Talk. We purchased the device at Walmart. > The thing we miss the most is that we no longer have the caller ID > display on the TV...we have to actually look at the phone. No, it does > not support > faxing. If you need that, Basic Talk is not for you. I must > say that we have had no issues with the quality of the phone service > and the cost, at under $13. a month including all taxes, has been great. > With this service, you need to have a phone that includes extensions > that plug into an electric outlet only. Your existing phone jacks will > not work for this service. The main line with the answering machine > goes into the Basic Talk device which is connected to the internet. > The other 3 phones we have, connect to an electrical outlet only. > Hope this helps with your decision. > > ***** Moderator's Note ***** > > This is an answer to a thread from February of last year; I hope it's > still of interest.

Thanks Cindy and Bill, this information is very helpful. I was the original poster. Google Fiber has now started construction in my area but has not yet actually started signing customers up (AFAIK). But I hope it's only a matter of time before they reach my neighborhood and I can ditch Time Warner Cable. Not coincidentally, TWC has recently upped the speed for customers of its standard-tier internet service in the area to 50 Mbps at no additional cost -- gee, I wonder why? :-).

I'm also hoping that Google Fiber Phone becomes a generally available product offering by the time Google Fiber reaches my house. As recently mentioned in the Digest by Neal McLain, an article in the Washington Post reported that Google is now offering that experimental service to selected customers in its "Trusted Tester" program. If the trial goes well, Google Fiber would be able to offer a complete triple-play (internet, phone, TV) and challenge the incumbent telcos and cablecos in every product domain.

Bob Goudreau Cary, NC

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