Verzion workers to return to work [Telecom]

From the NYT:

"Leaders of the unions that have been on strike against Verizon Communications announced on Saturday 8/20 that they were ending the walkout even though the two sides had not reached an overall settlement for a new contract. Beginning with the evening shift on Monday, the 45,000 striking workers will return to their jobs, posts that they left on Aug. 7 in the nation?s largest strike since 2007, when workers at General Motors held a two-day strike. Union leaders are ending the walkout, they said, because Verizon management had finally agreed to engage in serious bargaining on the contentious issues after the company had originally insisted on negotiating more than 100 proposals for concessions. "

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I'm not up on current salaries, but I don't think these traditional workers make very much money. I believe historically phone company workers did not have the greatest pay, but had job security and usually reasonable working conditions to make up for the lower pay.

In my humble opinion, having loyal employees is an asset for business. I'm troubled by today's corporate climate of people being disposable, and ongong reduction of fringe benefits once taken for granted by workers at large companies.

As to Verizon losing landline business, I can't help but wonder if their service quality has decreased from the past Bell System standards--due to management decisions--and that is driving subscribers away. I wonder if they'd rather have the landline subscribers using cell phones--maybe cell phones are more profitable to Vz.

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