T-Mobile shuts down its 3G networks [telecom]

By Land Line Staff June 30, 2022

This year, mobile carriers have been phasing out their 3G cellular networks. The next major carrier to shut down its 3G networks is T-Mobile.

T-Mobile will complete the shutdown of the Sprint LTE network by today, June 30, 2022.

T-Mobile will also shut down its 3G UMTS system by tomorrow, July 1,


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According to Marco Moock snipped-for-privacy@posteo.de:


That's right. It's not a big deal for handsets which people frequently replace anyway, but it is a significant issue for burglar alarms and other IoT devices which are not easy to upgrade and in many cases, the owner has no idea they depend on 3G and will stop working.

If you're planning to visit the US, be sure your phone works on US LTE bands.

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