Verizon will fix your landline in a month, or give you wireless right now [telecom]

NYC outage gives Verizon another chance to hawk wireless landline replacement.

by Jon Brodkin

Verizon's aging copper landline telephone network has been offline for numerous customers in Manhattan over the past few weeks, giving Verizon another chance to convince customers to ditch their landlines for wireless service.

This has been a recurring theme for Verizon, which often tells customers their phone lines can't be fixed right away but that they can switch to "Voice Link," a wireless replacement for landlines. Voice Link isn't regulated as a utility like the copper landlines are, and it can't last through power outages the way copper lines can.

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Bill Horne
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That happened in Philadelphia not too long ago. An entire neighborhood lost landline service due to a broken cable, and Vz seemed in no hurry to fix it, despite pressure from the government. Vz claimed they weren't allowed to dig up the street because of the streetcar tracks, which wasn't a problem for the last 100 years. They could dig up around the tracks, or the transit authority would simply substitute buses, as it often does, when there is utility work under its tracks.

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Sounds like consumers are getting taken for a ride.

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