Verizon -vs- Vonage: What Patents?

Maybe I've been asleep for a few weeks, or maybe my CRS condition is acting up again (CRS is, of course, the medical condition known as Can't Remember Stuff) but I don't recall the nature of the three Verizon patents Vonage is accused of violating.

If anyone has the patent numbers or, better yet, a layman's synopsis of their topics it would be cool if you'd post that info.

(And if has already been hashed out and I missed it, well, sorry!)


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Well, that's the first time I have ever heard the substance which one cannot remember referred to as 'stuff'. I know your feeling however; since my aneurysm in 1999, my memory has gotten _very bad_ also. Since my latest heart attack in March last year and my subsequent pneumonia (that was the week or ten day's hospital stay a year ago) my condition has gotten even worse. I rarely go anywhere these days away from home.

It really does make one feel helpless. I suggest for full patent details and more news on the Verizon/Vonage fiasco you check out issues 85 through 94 (yesterday) issues of this Digest. Start with the last week in March; you'll see all you wanted to know, and more. PAT]

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