Verizon's Aging Copper Lines Leave Customers Hung Up With Frustration [telecom]


Dr. Ida Messana, a Queens internist specializing in geriatric medicine, started experiencing internet, fax and landline phone issues in her Forest Hills office last summer and noticed a concerning side effect.

Many of her elderly patients, who depend on phone calls and faxes, as opposed to emails and texts, stopped coming because they could not reach her.

"We lost dial tone on my fax line, so I couldn't receive or send any faxes. Imagine my patients waiting for their CAT scans, X-rays, their reports of blood, all different kinds of things," she explained.

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It's nice to see the news media finally taking note of the terrible costs that copper wires impose on a historic publicly-held company. The again copper based cables buried beneath the attention span of legislative bodies all over the country has caused Verizontal stockholders to support an aging workforce that drags down the company's modern, forward-looking image with "Get in the truck" dedication and ever-so-irksome union wages.

Imagine how many "seniors" are unable to use the fax machines that sit on the shelves in their hallways, directly underneath their ever-so-relible Western Electric telephones. These old customers and theier old expectations and their old viewpoints must be swept aside to make room for the modern, soon-to-be-mandatory fiber-optic cables and/or "100G" radio-based connections, so that the executives at Verizontal HQ can watch their Mai Tais being mixed in real time as they head over for lunch and a few laughs at the public expense.

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