Verizon Launches 'Private' Search Engine After Years of Violating Its Customers' Privacy [telecom]

Verizon spied on consumers for decades - then lobbied fiercely to prevent the government from doing anything about it. Now it wants you to trust it with your web searches.

By Karl Bode

Verizon has spent the better part of the last decade mired in privacy scandals and lobbying the government to ignore or legalize its bad behavior. Now it's launching a new privacy-centric search engine, apparently hoping you forgot all of that ever happened.

The company on Tuesday unveiled OneSearch, a new search engine the company insists delivers a new "consumer search experience" with "enhanced privacy features." Verizon says OneSearch won't track cookies, won't build personal profiles, and won't engage in practices like retargeting - which helps companies track your browsing behavior after you leave a website.

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