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Senator Decides Maybe The FCC Should Be Required To More Accurately

> Count Broadband Users (From the what-a-concept dept)

This is a very good idea. In Kentucky, our governor has promised "100% broadband coverage statewide" by the end of 2007. He has created an organization, Connect Kentucky

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which seems to be mainly a source of jobs for his cronies. About all they do is crank out press releases about what a great job they're doing. They currently claim "93% coverage", and say they are on track for 100% by year end. But they don't say what those numbers are based on. They produce maps based on the same kind of bogus reports that Senator Inouye mentions. For example, my home is in an area shown on their maps as covered by cable broadband, although there is no cable anywhere near me.

When I contacted them about that, their response was basically "Yeah, we know the maps are wrong". But they won't say whether their 93%, soon to be 100%, is based on the erroneous maps. They also seem to have no clue how they're going to get to 100%. I suggested that if they really thought they would have all areas covered by then, that they should already know HOW the missing areas will be covered, since it takes a while to implement coverage. Yet they have no idea what kind of coverage my area will get this year, if any. I suspect that since it's already colored on their map, they just plan to claim that it's covered even though it isn't.

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