Universal Service Reform Order Yields a Surprise or Two [telecom]

Universal Service Reform Order Yields a Surprise or Two

11/21/11 by Joan Engebretson

Weighing in at 750 pages, the Universal Service and inter-carrier compensation reform order from the FCC was made public on Friday. The commission issued a fairly detailed executive summary in late October when the order was adopted- and in large part, the final order essentially just adds more detail to what was outlined in the executive summary. But after an initial review, I did find a few elements in the order that had not been previously announced.

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Monty Solomon
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FCC is ordering 6 Mbps down/1.5 up in rural areas in five years in some portions of rural service area. 4/1 in all Universal Service areas in five years, and 4/1 to 85% of subscribers in three years.

What federal law defines broadband as universal service?

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Adam H. Kerman

I believe it's left up to the Commission.


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Garrett Wollman

Wow! That's as good as Korea had a decade ago! What an advance!

In the past it has not been defined as such, which I would argue has been a barrier to broadband availability in many areas.


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Scott Dorsey

In rural areas?

I'd say a lack of sufficient density of telephone subscribers was the barrier.

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Adam H. Kerman

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