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Watcha wanna bet that they don't! You cannot bill someone for services that they do not receive. Perhaps they don't have E911 or even regular

911. The PUC would not stand for someone to be billed for services that are not provided. If 911 or E911 services were being put into service or it was started to organize to have the service they might assess a fee, but just assessing a fee because you think you can doesn't fly.

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Mr Joseph Singer
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In Rhode Island I get dipped about $2 a month to support our E-911 system. Used to be on Vonage I didn't get charged for that but when they opened Vonage up to E-911 services here we got to pay for it again.

Matter of fact I now pay $8 in taxes in fees on my VoIP connection, but it's still way cheaper than using Verizon for the same services.

Yes I know, there are those who say I have to pay for the broadband connection but that connection gets used for more than just telephone services.

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