Typical Business Telephone Sets Today?

My department at my employer uses plain 2500 style telephone sets under a Centrex system. I kind of assumed they were still common place, but I understand now that they're kind of unusual? I heard caller-ID is very common on business phones, is that true?

[public replies, please] [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Caller ID _is_ very common on business phone systems these days. For instance, when I call either Atmos Energy (gas supplier) or Westar (electric utility) they answer with voice mail of course, but after a couple minutes of chatter while they tell me 'our menu has changed, listen to all options' then the voice mail on both tells me "based on your caller ID, you are located at (street number); if yes, press one, if no, press two", etc. And far from using 'old fashioned' 2500 style sets, they sit in a room with little keypads attached to computer terminals. They seem to emphasize your address, since they need to know where to show up to work on the wires or gas pipes, etc. PAT]
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