Three Easy Upgrades for Late Adopters [telecom]

Three Easy Upgrades for Late Adopters

By RIK FAIRLIE The New York Times June 2, 2010

ONCE upon a time, when big, boxy tube television sets roamed the earth, anything related to home-entertainment technology was so complicated and costly that many mere humans were cowed into a state of terrified indecision.

Sound like you? If so, you can come out of the cave now.

While early innovations were as soul-crushingly complex as they were technologically impressive, many home gadgets have long since been simplified and refined. What used to require a degree in electrical engineering to install and operate in many cases now demands only the ability to read.

Call it the advantage of being a late adopter. Instead of grappling with unfamiliar (and, sometimes, underdeveloped) technologies as soon as they appear on the scene, the late adopter lets more-eager gadget fans work out the kinks until simpler versions reach the market. Congratulate yourself for having the foresight to procrastinate.

With a minimum of effort - and considerably less expense than if you were using first-generation products - you can effect a basic tech makeover.

Your game plan for this project is simplicity. Tech products should be about as complicated as a toaster: just a few dials and a two-minute learning curve, owner's manual optional. There may be cheaper ways to upgrade your audio, video and photo-viewing systems, but technology that is easy to use is worth the price.

Start with a few basics: broadband Internet and a Wi-Fi network are essential; an iPhone or iPod Touch will come in handy. With these, you can make three simple changes that should take less than a weekend and will catapult your home into the digital age.


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