[telecom] Sweeping Effects as Broadband Moves to Meters

Sweeping Effects as Broadband Moves to Meters
June 26, 2012
SAN ANTONIO - The broadband era began with the expectation that
Internet connections were like buffets - all you can eat, 24 hours a
day. But users are now being prodded to think about how much they're
Here in South Texas, Time Warner Cable customers have been given the
online equivalent of a scale in the bathroom, a "usage tracker" that
adds up all the household's Facebooking and YouTubing. Customers who
sign up for a light plan of 5 gigabytes of broadband - that's the
equivalent of two high-definition movie downloads - are rewarded with
a $5 discount each month if they don't go over. If they do, they pay
$1 for every additional gigabyte.
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