Aereo, FilmOn hopes rise again as FCC moves to redefine MVPDs [telecom]

By Samantha Bookman, FierceOnlineVideo, October 28, 2014
The FCC said it will look at updating rules that regulate cable
systems, a move that could allow over-the-top providers to more easily
deliver broadcast television over the Internet, rather than over the
air or through closed cable systems. Chairman Tom Wheeler circulated a
Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Tuesday that says MVPDs, like other
forms of communication, should be "technology-neutral."
The FCC's new NPRM is raising the hopes of OTT providers like Aereo
and FilmOn, which have struggled to convince the courts--and now
regulators--that Internet-based video is a medium that's just as
viable as cable and should have the same rights to license content as
satellite and cable operators do.
In a blog post announcing the proposal, Wheeler cited Congress' 1992
decision that gave satellite services such as DirecTV access to cable
channels. "Today I am proposing to extend the same concept to the
providers of linear, Internet-based services; to encourage new video
alternatives by opening up access to content previously locked on
cable channels," Wheeler wrote.
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I assume that Aereo and FilmOn are aware that even if FCC classifies
them as MVPDs, they's still have to obtain retransmision consent from
broadcasters. Broadcasters have been known of demand rather heafty
sums of money. And other goodies such as carrying (and paying license
fees for) co-owned non-broadcast channels.
Neal McLain
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