[telecom] Suffolk CO. (NYC suburb) "911" system crippled by cyber attack

Attack affects other gov't functions, too

By Pei-Sze Cheng [wnbc news]

Suffolk County Asks NYPD for Help After Hack Cripples 911 Call Center and Police HQ

Ten days after a cyber attack hit Suffolk County computers, much of the county's police department is still deeply feeling the effects - and is calling on the NYPD for backup.

The 911 dispatch center at the Suffolk County Police Department headquarters has been reduced to using pen and paper, after hackers took down the county government's computers.

"Unfortunately had to go back to our old system where information is recorded by hand and information is handed to the dispatcher, in contrast to putting it into a computer-aided system," said Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison. ....... And it's not just police hurting as a result. Title searches, an essential part of real estate closings, have been frozen too. Lawyers and buyers are trying to proceed with caution. ===== rest:

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