[telecom] Hands-on: Gmail 2.0 for iOS is more Google-Plus-ified than ever (Updated)

Hands-on: Gmail 2.0 for iOS is more Google-Plus-ified than ever (Updated)

Aside from the UI, multiple account support is the best new feature.

by Jacqui Cheng Dec 4 2012 Ars Technica

Google completely redesigned its Gmail app for iOS, releasing the 2.0 version to users through the App Store on Tuesday afternoon. And although the feature list may not be lengthy, the ones that were added have so far been met with great jubilation from regular Gmail users. In addition to being Google-Plus-ified in the UI (which may or may not be a good thing, depending on how you feel about Google+), the app has gained a number of very practical features. These may tempt users of Mail-or even Sparrow-away from their apps of choice.

I decided to take the Gmail 2.0 app for a spin after its release (which is apparently still making its way through the App Store for some users). As noted above, the first thing I noticed was how much the interface has been redone to more closely resemble the redesigned Google+ app released earlier this year. The fonts now match between the apps, and Google uses a clean-but appropriately colorful-layout to draw the eye to the appropriate buttons and avatars. Lots of avatars. Everywhere Google can fit them in.


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