[telecom] Google Tries Again With Google TV

Google Tries Again With Google TV


Google, once again, is making a push into the living room.

It is a destination the search giant tried - and failed - to reach when it first brought out its Web-enabled Google TVs in 2010. The goal all along has been to bring Google's search and YouTube services to Internet-enabled television so it could capture a share of spending on TV advertising, which still commands the biggest portion of ad budgets.

But Google TV never lived up to its hype. Reviewers called it "chaotic," major television networks blocked their online content from streaming to Google TVs and consumers complained the system was too slow and flaky to justify the price tag. Less than a year after its debut, Logitech, one of Google's initial manufacturing partners, abandoned the effort, called the partnership a "mistake" and said it cost Logitech $100 million in operating profit.

But with Apple widely expected to bring out its own full-fledged Apple TV - one blog reported that a prototype has been floating around - Google is not giving up. It is determined to replicate the success of its Android operating software for smartphones on television screens.

This time Google has partnered with the set-top manufacturers LG, Samsung, Sony and Vizio. It announced those partnerships at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, but consumers were not told when they would become available or how much they would cost.

LG confirmed on Monday that it would ship two Web-enabled Google TVs, a 47-inch screen (47G2) and a 55-inch screen (55G2), to the United States and that the models would go on sale later this month. The TVs will cost $1,699 and $2,299, respectively.


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