[telecom] Google lets iOS developers replace Apple map data with its own

Google lets iOS developers replace Apple map data with its own

New SDK gives access to vector data, but not turn-by-turn navigation.

by Chris Foresman Dec 13 2012 Ars Technica

In addition to releasing its own Google Maps app for iOS, Google is now offering up its improved, vector-based maps to iOS developers looking for an alternative to Apple's at-times flawed data. Developers can essentially replace Apple's native MapKit APIs with the Google Maps SDK for iOS, though integrating turn-by-turn navigation is still verboten.

Apple's native MapKit APIs originally gave iOS developers native access to the 2D map data supplied by Google in previous versions of iOS. However, Apple claimed that it needed to build its own mapping database in order to give iOS's Maps app improved features like efficient, high-resolution vector data, 3D "flyover" views, turn-by-turn navigation, and more. Apple replaced the backend mapping data in iOS 6 with its own data, and those changes were passed down to MapKit, and hence any app that used MapKit.


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