[telecom] Dear ITU, please don't bill Internet use like phone calls

Dear ITU, please don't bill Internet use like phone calls

Telcos lobby for drastic change, think content networks getting a free ride.

by Iljitsch van Beijnum Dec 1 2012 Ars Technica

"Operating agencies shall negotiate commercial agreements to achieve a sustainable system of fair compensation for telecommunications services and, where appropriate, respecting the principle of sending party network pays."

That's the input that a number of former monopoly, European telecoms sent to the member states of the United Nation's International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Why? Because, for the first time since

1988, the ITU will be negotiating new international telecom regulations from December 3 to 14 in Dubai. And that meeting will mark the first opportunity for the ITU to bring Internet issues under its umbrella.


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That isn't going to wash here in the U.S. In essence they want to meter internet usage. Technically it's trivial do so, but ethically it's wrong to do so. Most of us have broadband connections that were sold to us as UNLIMITED in both use and bandwidth.

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