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I'm Samuel Kfir-El, an IT Consultant with worldwide (Ireland, India, France, Turkey, Cameroon) experience and would like to inform all the GOOD RESPECTIVE Readers of this site that:

MoVoIP - Free MOBILE Internet Mobile Phone Calls Are Offered By Ubifone. For more details, Please do refer to:

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Ubifone, is changing the way the world communicates with its?

allowing member to member freeinternettelephonecalls .

Ubifone, is the only VoIP telecommunication company that offers the widest range of VoIP products merging the IP telephony with the mobile world and International Calls.

While Ubifone members: can SPEAK for FREE with each other REGARDLESS on the DURATION of the conversation and INDEPENDENTLY on their LOCATION all over the WORLD.

Ubifone allows his members to speak with non Ubifone members offering the LOWEST and CHEAP rates I encountered so far.

Ubifone Ensures his members to get their calls immediately, independently on their location all over the world thanks to the most powerful Call Forwarding System introduced by Ubifone.

Ubifone, is the only VoIP service provider that operates in India too.

Ubifone, offers the most Powerful Business Opportunity.

I decided to make an effort in order to get monthly income every week.

By joining Ubifone you'll be guided all over the world since we are:

'One World, One Community, One Number'.

What about YOU ?

For further information you're kindly required to refer to:

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or contact me at:

Samuel Kfir-El


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