[telecom] Arguing with Verizon over whether $0.002 = 0.002 cents

Youtube (audio) of a conversation, reportedly with Verizon customer service, over whether 35,896K of data at 0.002 cents/K should cost $71.79.

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There's a transcript at
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) but Youtube has taken down their version of the recording.

This may have been reported here before, though I can't find it via google groups. A web search does show that the recording has been around (and talked about) since at least 2005, so it's not terribly current.


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Having been an engineer at Verizon, I can sympathize with both the customer and the Service Representatives heard on this recording: the customer, who is astonished that anyone would mistake fractional milage for cents or cents for dollars, and the reps, who can't believe that their computer could possibly make a mistake.

Truth be told, I was often astonished at how dumb my cow-orkers sometimes appeared - being young and callow, I didn't know how much the drudgery of day-to-day life in a bureaucracy can deaden the mind and calcify the conscience. Suffice to say that I'm more forgiving now.

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