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Greetings and my apologies for dropping in here without having first lurked for a time. Someone in another newsgroup suggested you folks as a likely resource for information on something I stumbled across.

I am a welder/heavy equipment mechanic by trade but I do some hobby level blacksmithing as well, so my eye is always open to unusual metal working tools.

A couple of days ago I found a hammer which had "Bell System" stamped on one side. There are no other markings on it. It's about 3 to 4 pounds, a straight peen and the really unusual thing about it is a 7/8th inch hole through the head, parallel to the peen and handle.

Would any of you happen to know the purpose of that hole?

Again, my apologies and thanks for your patience with an out of the blue drop in.


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Bert Olton
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It might be for fixing climbing pegs on telephone poles

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Hello Steven, and thank you. I believe you're right, or at least on the right track. Another blacksmith posited the idea of the hammer being used to start the climbing pegs, then turning them in with the hole as a connection through the hammer head to the upturned segment of the peg.

Best regard, Bert

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Bert Olton

It almost certainly is, and I've used one just enough times... The Klein

80936 Lineman's Hammer doesn't have the hole, you have to get out a wrench once it's in.

Search on "utility pole steps" and you'll see the designated target for that hammer - a 5/8" X 10" drive-point lag screw with a hook that keeps your foot from slipping off. And when it hits bottom the hook end is never vertical like it needs to be.


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Bruce Bergman

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