Surplus Boston trolley telephones for sale [telecom]

Boston's transit carrier, the MBTA, is selling telephone sets from its Boeing Green-Line Light Rail Vehicles:

It is not clear if the phones are operable or their functionality.

from their website:

"Authentic communicator (phone) removed from a Green Line LRV (Light Rail Vehicle) built by Boeing-Vertol in the 1970s and decommissioned and scrapped in 2011. This was used for communication by the operator of a Green Line trolley. Phone is 11" front to back, 8" wide and 7 1/2" at tallest point. We have a few phones from the last Boeing LRVs that were removed from revenue service and scrapped in 2011.

Photographs are representative of the overall condition of the item we have. Each item has different dirt, damage and other imperfections due to years of use on an active transit vehicle."

full information, including photos, at:

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Looks like the control head for a two-way radio, which would not be usable by itself.

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