SPRINT announces sked for Nextel shutdown: June 30, 2013 [telecom]

New York (AP) - Sprint says it will shut down the Nextel network as early as June 30 next year, cutting off service for its characteristic walkie-talkie-like Nextel phones. .... There were 5.4 million phones active on the Nextel network at the end of March. Many Nextel customers are businesses or government agencies who issue the phones to construction crews and other mobile workers. ------- rest:

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- anyone know of any other communications network options that have similar "push to talk" ability? There were some GSM phones that were announced that never seem to have hit the market...

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danny burstein
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All of them. Even Sprint's new PTT phones run on CDMA.

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R's, John

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John Levine

I have a Cingular-branded LG cu-400 -- a GSM unit -- with a PTT button -- pressing it brings up a dialogue window

: PTT charges will apply. Do you wish to initialize PTT? : 1 Yes : 2 No

(possible responses being 1 [OK} or 2 [OK] or [Back]).

As it's a handset I had SIM-subsidy-unlocked, for use with T-Mobile, or with PAYG SIMS while traveling abroad, and never actually used on Cingular, I have no idea how that PTT actually works :-) .

HTH. Cheers, -- tlvp

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