Sonoma Restaurant Patrons' Ripped Off By ID Thieves

Sonoma Restaurant Patrons' Ripped Off By ID Thieves March 18,2010

SONOMA, Calif. -- More than 70 people from the Sonoma Valley who ate at a popular pizzeria said identity thieves have racked up bogus charges on their credit cards.

Mary's Pizza Shack on Sonoma Square claimed an international hacker broke in to their computer system and stole the numbers.

Lorna Todeschini recently learned that a pizza night in Sonoma last November was why she got an unexplained charge on her Visa bill two weeks ago.


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Monty Solomon
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Every organisation that processes Credit Cards from all the major card providers *must* conform to the PCI-DSS standard:

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This is an incredibly tough standard *if* you record or store CC numbers in any form, and unfortunately most organisations ignore this standard even though it is a clear condition of their agreements with the CC providers.

One day soon one of these cavalier places that obviously don't comply with PCI-DSS will get hit with the full costs allowing the numbers to be stolen, and that might "encourage" the many others to tighten their security.

- - Regards, David.

David Clayton Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Knowledge is a measure of how many answers you have, intelligence is a measure of how many questions you have.

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David Clayton

It is a relatively easy matter to get those fraudulemt charges removed from a credit card account.

It's much more difficult with a debit card; different rules.

The least protection of all is with a business bank account.

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