SLC-fed DSLAM's [telecom]

I'm still searching for specific examples of DSLAM's in non-CO locations. Specifically, a DSLAM in/at a SLC cabinet or other digital remote.

I am asking because Verizontal is insisting that such isn't possible, oh no; or at least they don't know how to do it because they've never seen one like that....

I have multiple anecdotes of such, but such is no help. I need specific examples of locations with customers known to have DSL service where they are fed from a SLC. It's far better if Verizontal territory, but it may help even if it is BellSouth or such.

With such an example or 3; my friends' negotiating position with their lawyers might improve.

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David Lesher
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Qwest deploys remote DSLAMs all the time in their territories. I'd be surprised if not all LECs do. My house is served by a remote DSLAM, offering me the max 1.5Mbps service. Otherwise, I'm at a distance that would only get 256k from a DSLAM located in the CO.

Typically, they started out being fed by bonded T1s, much the same as the SLCs. Since you don't get that much bandwidth, even with 8 bonded T1s (typically the max for the remote DSLAM market), Qwest, and the market went with the Fiber-To-The-Node model.

I suppose one way I'd go about pressing the point is if this isn't standard, why would standard Telco equipment makers like Adtran and Lucent offer Remote node DSLAMs and/or the FTTN DSLAMs? Like the Adtran TotalAccess1248 or the Lucent Stinger series. That are specificly marketed for remote DSLAM and FTTN applications?

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Doug McIntyre

I'm not sure how you could do anything other than remote DSLAMs. Out where I live, just about everyone's POTS service is coming from a SLC, and there just isn't any copper out there from the neighborhoods to the CO (as I discovered when they cut down my telegraph loop). Consequently, I don't see any other way that DSL could be provided.


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Scott Dorsey

I had DSL fed off a Verizon SLC here in New Jersey. At least I was told so after the fact by the tech who installed my FiOS service. I'm circa five miles from the CO, so I don't know how I could have gotten DSL otherwise.

Actually, it was kind of silly. For a long time, I couldn't get DSL (and had cable internet for some time). Then, Verizon said I could get DSL (which was considerably cheaper than cable), and it got installed the same day they were hanging fiber in the neighborhood for FiOS. Dunno why Verizon would have provisioned DSL at the SLC when it was rolling out FiOS in a few months.


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