Rim Fire and Landlines [telecom]

I received this message from Susan Mundy regarding the massive

> Wild Fire that is ravaging the Sierra Nevada Mountains just > outside of Yosemite National Park, which is close to Twain Harte > where she lives. She is a very avid Telephone Collector who is > very popular with many of the Telephone Collector community. She > has let me know that all of her better phones have been "removed > to a safe protected environment", and that she is feeling better > now that they are safe. At any rate, she uncovered another > salient reason one might think long and hard about giving up > your last Land Line. Here is her message: > > Hi Walt, > > The Rim fire is a few miles from my home and tension is high in > our community. When we are given an "advisory evacuation", it > is done with a reverse 911 call to our land lines. Tonight at > the community meeting with all of the agencies working on this > catastrophic fire, someone asked if cell phones could be added > to the list because some people have given up their land lines. > With the current system we have in place, it will take two or > three weeks for cell phones to be added. Not much help, so our > sheriff's department is sending out officers to each house to > make sure everyone receives the advisory evacuation message. > Once the status changes to mandatory evacuation, we have to > leave immediately, so the advisory evacuation notice is > critical. This is just another reason why I will NEVER give up > my land line.....I know the subject of whether to keep a land > line comes up on the list-serve, and who would have thought that > it would take 2-3 weeks to add a cell phone number to an > emergency system. That is the current state of affairs in > Tuolumne County California, and even the top officials were > shocked it will take that long to add a cell phone number. > > If you feel the 911 reverse news is list-serve worthy, please > share. I would never have known except I am in the middle > of this mess.... > > Sue

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