Re: Will My Cingular SIM Card Work in Another Brand of Phone?

I Dropped my Cingular Motorola V220 in water ... OOps! Will the

> Cingular sim card work in a Nokia or other type of Motorola? Please > Help!!!

Any unlocked GSM phone (or Cingular-locked GSM phone for that matter) should work with your SIM.

By "locked," I mean that most US cellular companies sell phones that are configured to work ONLY on their network. The reason is that often, they have sold the phone to the customer at a loss, and to recoup that loss, they lock the phone to guarantee that they get all the revenue from using that phone.

An "unlocked" GSM phone doesn't have this restriction, and will work with any GSM network, with any valid SIM. But generally, they're not cheap.

Hopefully your SIM wasn't water damaged!

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