Re: Virtual Strip Searches Begun at Phoenix Airport

"It's 100 percent voluntary, so if the passenger doesn't feel

> comfortable with it, the passenger doesn't have to go through it," TSA > spokesman Nico Melendez said.

Oh, sure, just go to jail instead.

The security officer who works with the passenger going through the > screening will never see the images the machine produces. The pictures > will be viewed by another officer about 50 feet away who will not see > the passenger, the TSA said.

I find it difficult to accept that those folks will follow a protocol like that.

The machine cannot store the images or transmit them. > "Once we're done screening the passenger, the image is gone forever," > Melendez said.

You gotta know they can screw with it.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Of course they can, and of course they will. Big Brother comes just a few steps closer. And, in some countries in Europe, 'Secondary Inspections' have already gotten underway if some recent internet p*rn is to be believed. You know, the old 'secret hidden camera' routine and all that. PAT]
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