Re: Verizon 100-Mbps Broadband Home Router

Verizon Unlocks Full Potential of Fiber-Based FiOS Internet and

> Video Services With Advanced 100-Mbps Broadband Home Router > - Jun 28, 2006 08:00 AM (PR Newswire)

Someone needs to take Verizon's PR flack out for some education.

Even cheap fiber, which I assume they are using, can do well over 1 Gbps. They aren't unlocking the full potential until they deliver that.

It may well be the case that no one else integrates a router as fast as 100 Mbps with the broadband modem. But not all of us want both functions in the same box. And "better than the other vendors" is not the same as "unlocks full potential of fiber".


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W Howard
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