Re: U.S. Air Force Dislikes Google Earth Capability

> From: Kristin Roberts, Reuters

>> Deptula cited Google Inc.'s Google Earth, which gives Web users an >> astronaut's view of the earth and allows them to zoom down to street >> level. He said it had provided anyone with a credit card the ability >> to get a picture of any place on earth. >> "It is huge," he said. "It's something that was a closely guarded >> secret not that long ago and now everybody's got access to it." > A bit disingenuous if you ask me. > What was highly secret was the specifications and capabilities of our > spy satellites, not so much the products they produce. Of course, the > capabilities could be surmised from the products so they were > classified as well. > As to the offensive use of aerial photography, one can rent a light > plane and pilot and go up with a digital camera and click away. Even > most of our national labs permit overflights at relatively low > altitudes providing aircraft do not "loiter" over the area.

Google earth has from 1 meter to 1 foot resolution (to mix my pmetrics) whereas the military satelites have a resolution of ... gack! ...

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Rick Merrill
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