Re: Traveller Seeks Phone Advice

It appears that neither Cingular nor T-Mobile will sell you a prepaid

> SIM in the US without a phone. If you poke around on their web sites, > all the prepaid plans include a phone. I realize there's no technical > reason that you couldn't just pop in a new SIM like you can in Europe, > but if they won't, they won't. My guess would be that there are so > few unlocked GSM phones in the US and even fewer people who understand > what they are that it's not worth the hassle of supporting them.

Indeed you can get a prepaid SIM kit from corporate T-Mobile stores. I'm not sure what the story is with cingular. It's also possible to get SIM kits on eBay for less than face value (less than $50 which is what the corporate stores charge which includes $30 of talk time.)

A regular subscription phone is no good, since the subscriptions are > all for at least a year with a large penalty if you cancel early.

Subscription phones aren't usually available to visitors anyway since most don't have US credit files or if a monthly plan is issued they will charge a hefty deposit up front.

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