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Joe Tibiletti wrote:

>> I have testified before the Public Utility Commission of >> Texas -- one of the last states to have this jurisdiction >> placed in one organization under state control. > What do you mean by "one organization"? > If you're referring to an organization that regulates all (or almost > all) utilities, Texas isn't the only state. Every state has some sort > of utility regulatory agency (although they go by variety of names: >
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). Indeed, Texas is an oddball in this > respect: the TPUC regulates all utilities except natural gas; the > Texas Railroad Commission regulates natural gas; and the Texas DOT > regulates railroads.

Joe is correct on his assertion that Texas was one of the last, if not the last, state to have a single regulatory body for telephone service (and some other public utilities).

Until the 1960s, telephone regulation in Texas fell under city jurisdictioin, and there had to be a separate rate case, and separate negotiations, with each city.

Wes Leatherock

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