Re: BabyTEL Brings Back 7-Digit Dialing

The following press release was issued by babyTEL, a Montreal-based

> provider of VoIP service. I don't work for babyTEL, but I thought > that the press release might be of interest. > Attention News/Business Editors: > babyTEL(TM) Brings Back 7-Digit Dialing

Not much new here, other VoIP services have offered 7 digit local dialing for some time. This is also easy enough to do on your own with a software PBX or something even as simple as number re-writes in a Sipura SPA dialing plan. The international rates, just to use UK mobile and 08, 0845, and 0870 as an example, $1.079CAD/$0.91USD for

+44845 and +44870 (surely, this is a joke?!), range for poor to appallingly high. Not really anything special on the monthly service fee bargain front either or any of the other included services which many/most VoIP providers already have.

I normally wouldn't comment/care on this, but their press release is ridiculous in the way they try to portray themselves as so cutting edge, as if they are doing something that hasn't ever been done before. It might seem cutting edge if you lived in a bubble the past few years, but these guys are way behind the curve in a very over-saturated cut-throat competitive VoIP service provider market right now.

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