Re: Telemarketing to Cellphones

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Why, when by your presence on that list

> you have in effect stated 'do not bother me, I am not interested', > would some 'exempt' company deliberatly call you anyway? Do they have > money to waste just being malicious? PAT]

Well, spammers make a game out of trying to get to you even though you've made it pretty clear a lot of the time that you just *don't* want to be bothered with whatever scheme they happen to be peddling.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I dunno ... the 'legitimate' telemarketers I have seen (yes, I know, maybe none of them are legitimate; it is a dreadful occupation to be in) have too big of a work load to sit and play games with their telephones. To them, time is money, and they would _prefer_ -- if the answer from you is 'no' -- to get that 'no' early on so they can move on to the next call. Now if it is a 'spammer' (and yes, I know, you may be defining all telemarketers as 'spammers') they are not going to pay attention to any list of DNC people anyway. And none of the types you have named, either 'spammers' or 'telemarketers', are going to be 'exempt from DNC' type callers. The people who actually read and obey the list are legitimate users of the list. PAT]
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