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Here [in Maryland] our firefighters, including yours truly, can

> ticket for hydrant and fire lane violations. Hydrants are thirty > dollars and fire lanes are two hundred fifty dollars. I have seen > several repeat hydrant offenders but never a repeat fire lane > offender.

The cops often park in the fire lanes when they're going in a store or restaurant. So do fire trucks when they're shopping at a supermarket.

-- Wes Leatherock

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While on duty they need quick access to their vehicles. With fire trucks there's often no other place to park. In both cases should the vehicles need to be moved a dispatcher can quickly contact them as they [will] probably be involved in the emergency response.


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John Mayson


I cannot answer for the cop shop but a radio equipped fire crew parking in the fire lane is not a problem. Did you know that driving over a hose line can throw the nozzle crew around violently, damage the hose, and in extreme cases block the flow of water completely? Preventing such occurrences and reserving access for fire service operations are what fire lanes are for. The fire lane provides space for laying hose, throwing ladders, and deploying heavy stream appliances. [Unlike the average person,] the fire crew is not going to panic about being trapped until the call is over, and then drive out over the hose lines, and wrap them around the cars axle thus depriving the attack crew of water and delaying the attack on the fire.

How do I know this? I've lived it. It's a lot of fun making a search in the back of a burning mercantile with the smoke banking down to knee level and having the supporting nozzle crew suddenly start yelling "We've lost our water boys - get out now."

-- Tom Horne

"This alternating current stuff is just a fad. It is much too dangerous for general use." Thomas Alva Edison

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