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I need to get another router for my home Cisco lab and I was hoping

> that someone could suggest which would be a best choice. > I'd prefer it be rack mountable (one rack unit high). It needs to > have at least one (preferably two) fast ethernet ports. It must > support trunking (both dot1q and isl) so that it can be interfaced to > a switch. > Cost is a factor (since it's for home Cisco lab use). If knew what > was a best choice, I could possibly track one down on Ebay. > I currently have three 2501s. Each has a transceiver, but those won't > support trunking for my lab assignments. I'll likely sell one of them > when I get this one. > Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have. > Fred

LOL ... Good thing you said it was for your "Cisco lab" -- I was about to suggest a Nortel ARN as a good low priced option. Last brand I usually recommend to folks is Cisco. I for usually reccomend Juniper or Bay Networks(aka:Nortel) in that order. If they ask for a third choice, I tell 'em Riverstone . Cisco is overpriced underperforming junk, IMO.

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T. Sean Weintz
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