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It depends on what "kind" of TracFone account you got and will likely depend on where you purchased it. TracFone uses two different technologies depending on where you buy the service. If it uses GSM technology it's using either the AT&T or T-Mobile networks. It will use either network that's available (likely other smaller GSM networks as well, but that's sort of an unknown to me.) If it uses CDMA networks it would use the Verizon or Sprint networks. The GSM TracFone units have a SIM (small smart card. The CDMA models generally do not have SIM or smart media cards.) Since you do not identify which rural area you are in it may make a difference if a particular type of TracFone works. If it's really deeply rural it may not work at all or if it works may only work marginally. Generally rural areas work better with CDMA type TracFone. You likely will not have a choice where you buy your TracFone service.

If when considering your service with TracFone you find out the models of the phones they use and check it out on the net you should be able to determine whether the phones are GSM or CDMA. Be aware also that using TracFone (or it's sister company Net 10) you can only use handsets that are meant to be used with the particular service. They are only compatible with other phones used with the service.

If you are rural you may want to see what other people use in your area. That will give you a clue as to what works well in your area. Keep in mind though that cellular service can be very variable from one location to another and what may work really well for a neighbour may not work for you (terrain and other things factor into it.)

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