Re: Some Concerned About Privacy Implications of E-ZPass System

Fast forward to yesterday. Assurances notwithstanding, I received a

> toll violation notice from the NJ Turnpike authority.

Very disturbing. These kinds of problems were supposed to be fixed on the NJ Tpk.

There have been reports of database abuse by the Phila Parking Authority. Seems that people who've never been to Phila are receiving legal dunning letters for unpaid parking tickets issued years ago (per newspaper reports). It appears the PPA is using a commercial database to look up names of violators to track them down and issuing letters, even if that person isn't the one who originally got the ticket.

In other words, a car with a license ABC123 gets a ticket. But a notice sent to the registered address is returned. So they use the database to try to find the name somewhere else. The problem is that they're getting people in different cities with the same name.

Big brother is watching -- no -- going after you.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: That was also a big stink in Chicago at one point, maybe still is. People who have never been to Chicago in their life get parking tickets _based on their license plates_ sent from City of Chicago with warrants issued for their arrest unless they drop everything here and now and drive all the way to Chicago to defend themselves, or preferably to the city's point of view, just pay up and shut up. PAT]
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