Re: Sharing One Line for Fax and Voice?

And to respond to DLR's concern about the line getting 'answered by

> the wrong machine', the point is that the _box_ answers the call and > routes it appropriately. 'Distinctive ringing' from the telephone > company isn't required at all.

Sorry for jumping in, but how do those boxes work? Does the box pick up the line, waits for a few seconds, and ...

- if it gets a FAX tone, it will direct the call to the fax plug

- if it gets nothing, it will forward it to the phone plug?

But if it's a voice call, will users just get silence for several seconds, or does the box simultaneously listens to the incoming call to tell if it's fax or voice, and also play a ring tone so, in case it's a human calling, the caller thinks the phone is still ringing?

Thank you.

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