Re: Secret Court Modified Bush Wiretap Requests

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I would be interested in finding out if

> anyone could assist me in encrypting _this Digest_ each day. Could > anyone help with that?


I can think of at least a dozen humorous responses -- one involving the logic of putting red paint on a rectory -- but I'll give you a serious answer.

If you are interested in encrypting the Digest, then you'll have to configure your publication setup so as to encrypt each issue, using a common key that all your subscribers know, and set up a mass-mailing program to send out a copy of the "secret" key you're going to use for the next n days/weeks/months so that your subscribers can decode each edition. Of course, some functionary at the acronym factory will be assigned to become a subscriber, but you'll have the satisfaction of setting an example.

I don't think it's yet practical to send _individually_ encrypted copies, since the overhead of accessing individual keys, encrypting each issue for each subscriber, and sending the result would be too high. However, you might consider using PKI to distribute a key which allows subscribers to decode a centrally stored version, since that would involve encryption only of the key, not the actual publication. You'll need to do some tests to get a timeline for the number of subscribers you have: needless to say, it has to fall within some reasonable fraction of a day.


William "Fun with Alice and Bob" Warren

William Warren (Filter noise from my address for individual replies)

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I still have my script here to use for encrypting the 'approved-by' lines:


PASSWORD='password1 pw2 password3 password4 password5s'

umask 77

for f in $*; do echo $PASSWORD > $$ sed -e '1,/^$/d' $f >> $$ # hash=`md5sum $$ | awk '{print $1}'` hash=`md5 $$ | awk '{print $NF}'` rm $$ awk "{ print } /^Sender: / { if (!h) print \\"Approved: [comp.dcom.telecom/$hash]\\"; h++ }" < $f > $$ mv $$ $f done

Substitute real words for the five instances of 'password' above. Anyone is free to use it if it helps anyone. Don't forget to use md5 and md5sum as shown above. Just insert it where it belongs in your email or newsgroup message. PAT]

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