Re: USA Wants Wiretap on Internet Calls Expanded

The U.S. Justice Department urged communications regulators to require

> Internet phone companies to provide the ability to conduct > surveillance on services that offer only outgoing calls or incoming > calls to or from the traditional phone network.

You know, this is just getting out of control. Our friends at DOJ seem to be trying to make hay while the sun is shining, or at least trying to push as far as they can in the current environment.

The bad guys aren't stupid and neither are the VOIP providers. All they need to do is move offshore and they're exempt from dubious extentions of CALEA.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Except, I have heard it said, that even if _some portion_ of your communication crosses the border into the United States, then the USA government claims to be in control. Or even if they are _not_ permitted to wiretap the offshore end of the conversation, they can wiretap the domestic portion and accomplish the same thing. PAT]
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Clark W. Griswold, Jr.
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