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Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 14:32:36 -0800

>From: "Al Gillis" >To: >Subject: Restoring a 302-type telephone [Telecom] > >I want to make a dial card (the paper thingus that goes behind the plastic >window in the middle of the dial) but don't know what fonts to use. I've >seen photos of such cards that are black with a white window where the >telephone number was typed. Above the window was the text "Wait" (in white >characters on a black background) and below the window was the text "For >Dial Tone" also white on black. The font used for the text was a sort of >script and the telephone number was typed in a fairly block-ish font. >Anyone have an idea how to replicate these fonts in a Windows font?

Here are some images of dial centers which may be helpful to you:

formatting link

and Phoneco, a phone restoration supplier, will be happy to sell you sheets of phone dial centers for a couple of bucks. See their catalog page at:

formatting link

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