Re: Protecting Yourself From Suspicionless Searches While Traveling [Telecom]

Now references have been made to "TSA" which operates for flights originating within the USA. Have there been any instances where TSA security personnel have done suspicionless, warrantless data searches on computers, PDAs etc. belonging to American citizens travelling domestically?

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About a year or so ago I was coming home for the weekend on a flight from Portland, Oregon to Ontario, California. I was asked to turn on my computer, and the TSA agent must not have been very computer literate. He looked at a couple of things and was having problems; through it could have just been because it was a Mac.

I did not like his comment about my machine and said so. I was asked to step out of the line, they again tried to access files and when they could not, they were going to take my computer. I asked for a supervisor and that ended the whole thing.

When I got back on Monday I filed a complaint against the agent, [but] when they checked on the action there was no record of this, nor was the agent listed as on duty: that Spells cover up to me. I just let it drop, but I have not had any problems going through that airport again

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